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Take a Stroll: 
Walk around the Market to really see what's there. As seasoned Market patrons will tell you, there's a lot of delicious stuff to be discovered that isn't always obvious at a first-time glance.

Keep it Simple:
If you're trying to eat healthier, or just want to enjoy more of what's in season. Start with just a few ingredients for a salad, or a few items or an easy stir-fry, or just try some fresh fruit for dessert or snacks. Another hint: if you're new to cooking, check your local bookstore for cookbooks and on-line sites for recipes. Click here for our Farmers Market recipes.

Bring Sturdy Shopping Bags:
Bring, or plan to buy, a basket or re-usable bag at the market. It's easier to carry produce in a sturdy bag, plus, you'll be helping to reduce waste.

Cash & Carry:
Plain old cash is the main currency at Farmers Markets - but, the Farmers Market definitely takes coupons!

Ask for a Sample:
Most vendors are glad to let shoppers sample before buying.

The Market has ample on-street parking during market hours. Click here for more parking info.

Ask Questions:
If you see something you're curious about, vendors can tell you about their produce and their favorite ways to cook it. Other questions to ask a farmer: 
How much longer will this be in season?
How should I store this to keep its flavor longer?
What unusual products will you be bringing to Market next week?

Don't be afraid to try something different (ever tasted fresh garlic greens or golden green gaulk?) You're likely to discover a new favorite fruit, vegetable or cheese that will make your summer all the more delicious.

Get Great Deals:
There are lots of ways to save money at the Farmers Market. For example: big bunches of fresh herbs are much cheaper at the Farmers Market than the small plastic packages available in grocery stores...Many farmers also sell "seconds" - produce that is slightly bruised or not as large as the full-priced items, yet tastes just as great or is perfect for canning. Farmers can also give discounts to shoppers who are buying bulk for canning or freezing at home.

When comparing prices, remember to be aware of different values. A local, fresh-picked, intensely-flavored, organically-grown heirloom apple from the farmers market is very different than a conventional Red Delicious shipped from China. If you think nothing of treating yourself to a pastry with your afternoon latte, remember that farm-fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables are also a treat at every meal, loaded with healthy nutrients.

Learning Center:

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